Youth Divisional (U13-U18)


Aligned to the CSALong Term Player Development guidelines for Soccer for Life (U13+),the Youth U13 to U18 program continues with age appropriate specific physical literacy and soccer technical skills through designed once or twice a week training session plus an 11vs11 game versus otherClub teams throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. The objective of this program is to ensure players continue to enjoy the game and maintain lifelong wellness. Depending on the number and quality of players, teams will be placed at appropriate levels of play. While Mission strives to assemble teams at the Division 1(Gold) and 2 (Silver) levels, the Mission population base sometimes prevents us from doing so. As such, we recommend all players who possess the ability to play at higher of levels to pursue these opportunities with Clubs who have these teams. If they’re interested in this pathway, they should be checking other Club websites for tryout opportunities. All training and games are designed focusing on the following content and details: 


Click on the links below for more information regarding specific seasons and detailed information. PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR SAFETY REASONS, PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR SHIN GUARDS FOR PRACTICES AND GAMES.

SPRING - 2018


Follow appropriate guidelines in the areas of endurance, strength and flexibility training to remain active or play competitive


Learn new skills, or use and maintain skills already acquired


Basic tactics are sufficient to enjoy the game at a recreational level. More advanced are required for competitive level


Focus on having fun, in addition to stress release and fitness discipline

Program Window

April 2018 to June 2018

Program Length

12 Weeks

Program Sessions

12 to 20 training sessions (1 to 2 per week) + 10 games

Program Days

Training Days - at the discretion of the Team Head Coach – Monday to Thursday.

Game Days - Boys (Saturday) and Girls (Sunday)

Note: there is no game day on the Victoria Day Weekend (May 19th/20st)

Program Start Date

Training - week of April 3rd to April 6 th

Games - Boys - April 22 nd and Girls – April 23 rd

Program Session Length

Training - 1 to 1.25 hours / Games - maximum 90 minutes (2x45 minutes)

Program Start Times

Training – 7:00 PM / Games – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Program Location

Mission Sports Park & Other Club Fields


Program Uniforms

Non-returnable jerseys are provided by Club. Parents are responsible for shorts and socks (preferred black)

Program Players Equipment

Mandatory requirement – all players are required to wear shin guards

Safety requirement – highly recommended that all players wear soccer boots

SPRING - 2018



Mission Soccer Club does not own or regulate the facilities we use and as such cannot guarantee the availability or condition of fields or gyms. The District of Mission determines if a facility will be closed by taking into consideration both participant safety and potential of damage to the field. Please be respectful of field closures. Refunds are not provided for sessions missed due to field closures.

Fields will be designated Open or Closed on the Field Status Reports. Department staff use the following criteria to determine field status:

a. Presence of standing water or puddles
b. Ground saturated “like a sponge” – foot sinks at ½ inch or more
c. Muddy areas especially in the high use areas such as base paths, goal mouths, etc
d. Frost or frozen ground
e. Snow
f. Weather forecast as per Environment Canada



Soccer is played in all sorts of weather conditions – a little rain (often a lot of rain!) does not put an end to a training session or game. In the event of severe weather, a session may be cancelled due to field closure or if the club has considered the conditions unsafe or unhealthy for players (ie electrical storm, excessive heat).   Cancellations will be posted on the Club’s website as soon as possible after the information becomes available. Otherwise, each session will proceed as scheduled.

Your player should be dressed appropriately for current conditions and anticipated changes in weather.  Take advantage of clothing layers – a T-shirt under the jersey that can come off if the day warms up, a sweater that can go on under the jersey if it cools down, and don’t forget something warm and dry to change into after a session in the rain.



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