Volunteer Recognition


Mission Soccer Club is run on volunteer power and a lot of it! Each and every volunteer is an important element of fielding over 600 players. However, some stand out by going above and beyond by consistently making themselves available and by being a smiling, positive force on and off the field.

Please take some time to nominate people you feel deserve to be called out for special recognition this year via our Volunteer Recognition form.



Nominations from parents and players help determine the recipients of each of the following awards.

            Mini Girls' Coach (U7 - U12)                         Youth Girls' Coach (U13-U18)

2015    Chris Martin                                       2015    Karen Klenk
2014    Tania Symons                                    2014    Travis James
2013    Mike Younie                                       2013    Greg Trainor        
2012    Dan Simon                                         2012    Mike Dunbar
2011    Rick Rowat                                         2011    Chris Perkins
2010    Doug McKellan                                   2010    Tony Ravenhill          
2009    Kirstie Bobetsis                                  2009    Steve Cant & John Scholtes
2008    Tracy Elias                                         2008    Lil Harrington
2007    Mike Claggett                                    2007    John Pederson
2006    Martin Buchard                                  2006    Bill Gemmill                          

            Mini Boys' Coach (U7 - U12)                         Youth Boys' Coach (U13-U18)

2015    Colin Halldorson                                  2015    Shane Geringer
2014    Rebecca & Greg Falk                         2014    Brian Meier
2013    Shane Geringer                                  2013    Kevin MacKillop
2012    Graham Thompson                             2012    Gareth Griffiths
2011    Keith Mackie                                       2011    Yoshi Kawasaki
2010    Shane Geringer                                  2010    James Atebe
2009    Jason Symons                                    2009    Meghan & Richard Griffieon
2008    Harpreet Grewal                                 2008    Rod Wiens
2007    Cory Carter & Pat Cunningham          2007    Don Barden
2006    Dexter Horton                                     2006    Bob Robertson                                  



While the efforts of every referee is greatly appreciated, one is honoured for his or her outstanding hard work and reliability.

Referee of the Year

2015    Keegan Heaven
2014    Dominic Lindl
2013    Liam Mackie
2012    Jason Hignell
2011    Omar Agha
2010    Josef Lindl
2009    Meghan Lapointe
2008    Steve Smith
2007    Russell Barden
2006    Stuart Coates



The Heather Jane Dudley Award honours the memory of one of the happiest and most positive fans of soccer to grace the sidelines of Mission fields and is presented annually to an adult female supporter who has set an example for our club's youth by being a smiling, cheering reason players are on the field learning and having fun.

2015    Maria Dube
2014    Lisa Reist
2013    Connie Trask
2012    Jacquie Neil
2011    Ramona Smith
2010    Sandy Veltin
2009    Donna Rowat
2008    Shannon Pederson
2007    Loreene Ravenhill
2006    Ryanna Lennon


The William Kerr trophy is presently each year to a male volunteer who has dedicated time and energy to the success of club programs and events.

2015    Tom Nguyen
2014    Not presented
2013    Tony Ravenhill
2012    Not Presented
2011    Jason Symons
2010    Graham Thompson
2009    Richard Griffieon
2008    John Pederson
2007    Not Presented
2006    Stuart Coates



The Graham Coates trophy is presented by Graham's parents, Barbara and Stuart Coates, to a senior player who has demonstrated commendable commitment to soccer and loyalty to the club.

2015    Cole Parsons
2014    Mason Young
2013    Not Presented
2012    Not Presented
2011    Emily Ravenhill
2010    Not Presented
2009    Risa Gemmill
2008    Samantha Pederson
2007    Russell Bardon
2006    Jessa Griffieon



Dedicated by the Bonnett family following Steve's untimely passing in 2005, this award is presented to a volunteer who, like Steve, demonstrates a great devotion to the sport and exemplary display of fun, honesty and fair play.

2015    Not Presented
2014    Not Presented
2013    Not Presented
2012    Jason Symons
2011    Loreene Ravenhill
2010    Mike Younie
2009    Bill Gemmill
2008    June Parapini
2007    Tony Ravenhill
2006    Barb & Stuart Coates